Ten months after our first exposure to the public, we are releasing version 1.0. The game has added a ton of new features. We got so busy we did not even have time to post updates. This is huge.

Link to our Steam Store

In case you did not know, there have been only two of us working on the game for the last 10 months. We did it all by ourselves with the help of our Kickstarter and Early Access supporters.

And we are not done yet. We will be listening to feedback and making improvements as we go. Here is part of the list of the latest improvements, many of which were requested by players:

  • Save points.
  • You can play as the Mother or Father
  • Voice overs and subtitles for the parents
  • More puzzles
  • Shadow People now appear all over watching you
  • New rooms
  • New furniture
  • The look changes as you progress
  • More cinematic sequences
  • Support for game controllers
  • Steam Achievements
  • More…

Have fun digging around for all the “More…” it is not hard to find. And sometimes it will find you!

We often hear a bit of confusion and maybe a giggle when people talk about the title of the game “The Hat Man”. Who is he, what is it? I wanted to base this game an a real legend, and the Hat Man is related to a larger family known as the Shadow People. Years ago when I first got into ghost hunting, strange shadow figures were the most common in our photographs. Recently a great youtube video was uploaded by brittyy44 which summarizes really well who/what the Hat Man is.

We just went live on steam! We will be sending out keys to all of our backers on Kickstarter as soon as we get them.  We have been working directly with our community to iron out bugs. Even sending early builds out to some users so they could review it and give us feedback while chatting on Skype. It was a great way to get real time feedback, take notes and look for bugs.

Head over to our steam page to check out the game and if you love the game, please post a quick review!

One of the major goals was for The Hat Man game to have a high replay value. So often, horror games suffer from being too linear. Our system dynamically generates the level and objects in the space while you play. We recently updated this system so that rooms and objects will now show up based on your progression. It will also start increase the interactive events as you get near the end, or the more aggressive you play.

We wanted to give a quick update on our progress. Basically we want the our first build that hits steam to be awesome! Anything less would just be a let down. With that in mind, we have been adding new features, and fixing old ones. Example, we are in the middle of updating the system that controls the environment.

The current system works on high octane pure chaos. Anyone who has played the alpha will tell you that sometimes you’ll see the same random event several times in a row, and in the next play, not see it once. As it works now, all random events and room have the same percentage of happening at the start of the game as it is at the end of the game. Well, we are working to fix that. We have always wanted the environment to progress with the game, getting more creepy, etc… The new system we are adding is working to address this.

We’d love to give everyone a release date for the Alpha/Beta on steam. But all I can say for now is coming soon*.


I quick update, we are busy working a new special release for Steam since we got GREEN LIT! We moved back our release by a week to get in some extra features. We will keep everyone posted with our progress. If you are Kickstarter supporter, you will be contacted via kickstater with your keys to unlock this next version.

Experience the horror first hand! You can now get an early look at “The Hat Man: Shadow Ward” by downloading our public alpha.

We have been working hard to update and integrate a new inventory system and phase out the page mechanic. While this build still has you hunting for journal pages to complete the game we will soon be updating the game with new items that you can use to unlock different areas in the environment to progress though the game.

If you are one of our many Kickstarter supporters (Alpha & Beta), you will soon be receiving your new download codes!


Autopsy Room

Work continues on the game. We have been adding new areas and features. And notice that we no long have a page counter on the top!I know of several commenters that will like to hear that.

Several weeks ago we submitted our build to Desura in hopes to release our public alpha. But, we have not heard back from them. The good news is that we are in the top 100 on steam, so we might be greenlit soon!