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Not Sure What Online Flash Games to Play?

Everyone loves flash games because they are easy to pick up. All you need is a laptop or computer with a browser and not much else. You do not need powerful graphics cards or the latest CPU. Flash games were simply made to run on all computers. The only dilemma is what games to play?

First of all, some flash game genres are lackluster in terms of playability due to technical limitations. It is nearly impossible to find good flash game shooters. Anything that requires 3D graphics is too demanding to create for flash developers.

The most popular flash game genres are tower defense games and strategy games. Tower defense games are probably the main culprit that helped boost the popularity of these mini-games. They became better and better with some of them even transitioning in to mobile games or full PC game releases.

All games that do not require 3D graphics and have a slower gameplay pace have a great chance of becoming addictive. Flash RPGs are a good pick especially newer games as they have a higher degree of complexity.

Coming back to the initial question, there are plenty of games to try. Most online flash game websites share statistics for each game such as how many times it was played. Looking at the more popular flash games is a good place to start but do not neglect new releases. Just because some games are new and may not have been played all that much does not mean that they are bad. Some flash game developers consistently put out great games completely for free. Yes, the vast majority of flash games are free to play and if you truly enjoy a particular one, do not shy away from promoting it a bit to help its creators release more awesome games.