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The Best Time Killers are Still Online Flash Games

Everyone plays games no matter the age. Seeing someone looking at their smartphone and tapping the screen hectically is a common site but there are far better games than the mobile ones. Online Flash games have always been popular and from many points of view, cannot be overtaken by mobile games and here is why.

  1. They have been around for a very long time. Even if Flash was meant to be used by web designers, it quickly became the most popular developing tools for games. Flash games have been around for a long time, even before smartphones existed.
  2. Some of the best mobile games started as online Flash games. Sound surprising but some of the most popular mobile games, especially tower defense ones, were first developed as Flash games. The public loved them and they were made available on mobile platforms.
  3. Much more discreet to play Flash games. Having an extra browser tab opened with a Flash game on your school or work computer is a very stealthy way to play a game. Surely, a silent mouse would help but it is much better than playing, for example, mobile games at work.
  4. They are free. The vast majority of online Flash games are free. Developers do not charge money for skins or loot boxes. Most online Flash game sites are happy to just get a few cents from ads displayed on their websites.
  5. There are millions of Flash games. According to some statistics, there are more Flash games than all other games combined. This means that there are more than enough games to choose from.
  6. They work on all devices with Flash support. Flash games do not require powerful laptops to run properly. They work on laptops, tablets, computers and other devices.
  7. Popular old games were ported to have Flash versions. If you are nostalgic when it comes to old arcade games or even games from two decades ago, you will be happy to find that a lot of them now have a Flash version or there is a Flash game very similar to other popular old games.

There are many more reasons to argue for Flash games. Interest in such games does not seem to decrease and dedicated websites have not experienced drops in user counts in several years. Despite some news about Flash player no longer being supported, this appears to be highly unlikely. Despite not having impressive graphics, Flash games remain popular. The fact that they do not require a lot of hardware resources to play and they work on pretty much any device with a browser and Flash support makes them playable to the vast majority of people that have access to the internet.