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The Main Character Of Snail Bob

I have played a lot of different games online but none of them even come close to Snail Bob. I had a lot of fun playing this game and honestly I would go back and play it again when I’m bored because it is so fun and it is full of so much to do, even if you complete the first game there are more games.

I’m on game number 2 and it is just so entertaining. I never thought playing a game where the main character is a snail and the point of the game is to get him through puzzles so that he can find his new home would be my new favorite game, but I was surprised when I tried it out. It really is one of the best games that you can find online and it’s free, so that’s also a plus.

What makes this game stand out from all of the others is not even the fact that the main character is a snail named Bob. But it stands out because of how the game is played out. The story is interesting and cute and simple for kids who want to play it for themselves. It is not hard to follow along to what’s happening, you are filled in on all of the details. In the first game your home gets destroyed and you spend the whole game making your way through a construction site to find a new home. In the second game, you are going to see your grandpa for his birthday. It’s fun little stories that even smaller kids will enjoy.

And the way the game plays, the obstacles and the puzzles that you have to get past make it unique and fun. In some levels you would have to press a certain button before Snail Bob got to it so that you could pass the level and he wouldn’t get stuck. In other levels you have to make sure that he slows down so that he doesn’t get hit with anything swinging around a certain area. The puzzles are hard enough to be considered challenging but not too hard so that kids can still play and pass levels without assistance.

If you are looking for a cute and unique game to try out, you should definitely consider checking out Snail Bob. It is fun for everyone and you will enjoy it.