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Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Show Flash Games More Love

Flash games seem like something of the past. It seems that very few people play flash games but that is untrue. It is still a one billion dollar industry that does not seem to slow down. Leaving the numbers aside, flash games are a great way of killing some time. Here are some interesting facts and reasons why you should play flash games rather than mobile or other types of free games.

  1. Online flash games are much more creative.

Some of the most popular mobile games come from simple flash games. Flash game developers invented new game genres and introduced mechanics that nobody else thought about or dared to implement in their games.

2. You support small game developers

Flash games are usually developed by single individuals. Most developers create flash games as a hobby and do not have the resources to hire a team to help them out. For them, creating games is a hobby and they are very passionate about games. This fuels their creativity which then turns into small online flash games that are extremely fun to play.

Flash games might not have the best graphics but they can be extremely addictive and developers take great joy when their game becomes popular.

3. They are free

Almost all online flash games are free to play. Websites that host such games usually make money from ads which are rarely built into the game. The games themselves are free to play, do not have microtransactions, do not sell any kind of loot boxes or in-game items.

4. You can play them at work or school

Surely, your teacher would not like to see you playing games on your smartphones. Online flash games can be played on any laptop or computer that has a browser and flash support. This means that you can play games on the same computer you are working on and nobody would know. Just make sure that you are not clicking too hard or get a silent mouse.

5. Huge selection of games

There are so many online flash games to choose from that it is impossible to get bored. There are millions of games and they are free to play. If you try a few games and none of them gets you hooked, rest assured there are many more to explore.

6. You are helping the flash gaming community

Online flash games have been threatened to a dying breed for quite some time. Developers have found a solution to keep their games available even support for flash is discontinued. Even if flash games are safe from now, nobody knows what will happen in the future. Playing online flash games means that there is still interest in such small games, developers will keep on creating new ones and sites that host them will still be around.

If the above six reasons do not convince you that playing flash games is a great way to kill some time and support a great community, nothing will. Online flash games deserve love, attention and support much more than any other types of games.